TWEP and Amsterdam Fashion Institute Interview

Recently our CEO, Temmy Wallace was asked to sit down and answer a few interview questions by Isabel Dingle, a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, working on a Graduation Project with coveted fashion designer Monki. Monki is a clothing designer whose threads can be seen all over Europe! We are excited to share our take on empowerment and how it relates to this up and coming generation of young people.

  • What does female empowerment mean to you?

For me it is the ability to make decisions about your body. I feel like right now the government has a hand in our choices, and I would like to see the day when our choices are a reflection of ourselves, desires, and dreams rather than just a reflection of what the government or other authority says they should be.

  • What do you think sexual liberation looks like for women?

To be able to make decisions the same as our male counterparts. If a woman wants to have multiple partners she should be able to without being judged or put in a box; labeled as without morals or self respect. You should also be able to say no should something like that not be for you.

  • How can we shape a future where young girls are sexually empowered? I think by introducing sex education in all schools.

I think sex education should be introduced at a young age - around middle school. Adolescents should be learning about their bodies and how to be comfortable in their own ski. They should understand that not everyone's body looks the same, and that’s normal. They should learn that they are able to do whatever they want with their bodies as long as they are well aware of what they are doing and doing it safely. For example, Texas has some of the WORST sex education in the country. Even boys are lacking knowledge of this area: we push so much for female empowerment that we forget to teach our boys about their bodies, the female body and things of importance, like consent.

  • How can we remove the shame young women feel about their bodies and sexuality?  

I think it’s important to really make young girls understand that every body is not the same. By arming them with self love and empowerment, we are not so much teaching them not to compare themselves to women in magazines, but creating a world where young ladies aren’t even thinking about comparing their body to the person next to them. That is our aim with The Temmy Wallace Empowerment Program.

  • What motivated you to start your empowerment programme?

When I was in the military, I saw many of my fellow soldiers struggling with things like self worth and sexuality. I saw women who became pregnant struggling to have access to safe abortions and reliable birth control. I saw relationships fail due to ranks - I really wanted to help, and I found myself coaching these men and women and wanted to bring that to the civilian sector - I thought it would be a great help to society.

  • What age demographic does your programme serve?

Right now it’s between 18 to 60, I have clients of all walks of life. We cater to everyone. We don’t discriminate based on age gender or sexuality and I think that really sets the Temmy Wallace Empowerment Program apart from others like it.

  • What are the key teachings you want to provide in your seminars?

Male and female empowerment. Sexually, emotionally and within relationships. Lifestyle changes, people who are divorced, single, newly engaged or married, sexuality changes, coming out, etc. There are people who in their 40s discover themselves attracted to a different sex than they were in the first half of their lives and we want to be there for them, and empower them to be who they are! In short, we cater to everyone and everything.

  • What has been the response to your programme?

It has been amazing. I really love and truly applaud everyone who has been supporting us since day one. Though its unorthodox, people have been extremely accepting and open minded. and for that we are very grateful.

  • What do you see as the future for the platform?

The future would be to empower everyone, Male and female to just be who they are, be honest with themselves. Honesty with oneself is what leads to self love and happiness so the future of the platform is to have everyone happy with themselves with guidance through that journey.

For more questions and answers from our interview with Isabel and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, please see our published interview in Monki’s Magazine!