4 Signs That It’s Time to Cut The Corporate Umbilical Cord

Being employed in corporate America has been considered one of the highest forms of career achievements. Aside from giving your parents the luxury of bragging rights, the perks of working for big corps include health insurance, 401K, stock options, and paid holidays. The stability of a consistent paycheck amount and the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to endure the attitudes from county hospital nurses is alluring to even the Micah M. White’s of the world. The perks of working a “real job” are endless, but over 53% of corporate America employees would strongly disagree and argue that the cons out way the pros.

Dreading the inevitable work week, beginning with horrific Monday mornings, has become a common ritual that has united corporate America employees on social media. If you look up the hashtag, #Mondays on social media sites, you will see, at least, 4 million memes, quotes, and selfies that are dedicated to the heavily loathed work day. Why is Monday considered one of the most notorious days of the week? Monday happens to be the intro to 40 hours of fulfilling duties for an unfulfilling position in an unfavorable atmosphere. The average corporate America employee begins each day with consuming an excessive amount of coffee in rush hour traffic to share space with passive aggressive coworkers and micromanaging bosses for 8 plus hours. This is why 70% of workers are unengaged in their job positions and most likely the reason why they feel stressed and lethargic until they clock out.

Like most Americans, I was conditioned to believe that suffering for a paycheck and benefits is normal and sticking it out is the “adult” thing to do. I was raised to believe that my dreams of working in fashion were frivolous and working in corporate America was the only suitable career. After years of my parents showing disregard for my passion and almost being forced into a corporate career that I hated, I decided to rebel. I decided to redefine what success meant to me and it was certainly not being miserable for a paycheck, no matter the amount.

This common way of thinking is the very reason why depression and suicide continues to increase at an alarming rate, year after year. Being passionate about your work has endless benefits, such as increasing confidence and excitement. Leaving corporate to live a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur has become a growing trend for millennials. If the entrepreneur life doesn’t speak to you, I encourage you to find a way to make a living by doing what you are passionate about. Changing careers can seem like a huge inconvenience but your happiness is worth it. If you are still unsure about taking the leap of faith, here are 4 signs that it’s time to cut the corporate umbilical cord.

1. You hate your job

If you dread entering your office or find yourself consistently faking an illness to go home early, chances are, you hate your job. A fulfilling job will motivate you to anticipate work and brainstorm for fresh ideas and new projects to better the company. If you’re finding excuses to not engage in work, it’s time to move on.

2. You’ve saved 6 months worth to cover bills

Quitting your job to pursue your passion sounds liberating but it’s hard to do when you’re begging for change on the street (or on social media via cash app). Yes, it is very possible to live on less than 6 months worth of savings. There are plenty of side hustles and app-gigs to take advantage of while pursuing your dream job but it is less stressful when you have more than enough money saved to avoid a drastic lifestyle change. Once you have saved enough to cover your bills for 6 months, you can start transitioning from your 9-5.

3. You Can Transition Your Side Hustle Into Full-Time

Before I left my corporate job, I was wardrobe styling and selling clothing on Poshmark. I was hesitant when quitting my job but once I took the leap of faith, I was better off as I had developed a consistent cash flow, prior to my resignation. If you have a side business or hustle to supplement income, there is no reason to stay at a job that you hate. If you don’t have a side hustle, I suggest that you get one. Utilize your skills as a tax preparer, chef, graphic designer, or seller for sites like Ebay and Amazon. In this app-gig era, there are many money-making opportunities to take advantage of. Test out as many apps as possible to find the ones that are suitable for you and your schedule.  

4. You’re Stressed AF

This is the most important sign that it is time to remove your attachment to your job. It’s no secret that work and stress go hand in hand. The corporate office environment is notorious for being toxic and the cause of mental and physical health related issues. If the stress from your work is having a negative impact in different areas of your life, this is a clear sign to quit your job. Americans are taught to sacrifice their mental well-being for compensation but what good is a paycheck if you’re not well enough to spend it? No job or position is worth risking your health. If stress is a factor in considering this leap of faith then this is the jump that could possibly save your life.

Blogger, Crys Watson of The Stylish Activist

IG: TheStylishActivist